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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ladybug Baby Shower Cake - Pink

This baby shower cake was made to resemble the "Anne Geddes" style of baby pictures. This baby is dressed up to look like a ladybug lying on a pansy. There is a 16" round cake under the pansy, and the ladybug body is a cake. The baby's head is hand sculpted with gumpaste around a styrofoam ball (so that no one had to cut into the head). The blankie is fondant and the little flowers and butterflies are all hand made from gumpaste. There is also a real bracelet on the baby's wrist that is hand made with sterling silver and glass beads... a gift for the baby.


Heidi and William said...

Looks great Amanda..I can't believe you have made so many wonderful cakes! There are a are very talented and have put your artistic abilities to the test. It's great. By the way, I keep going to walmart to pick up your family picture and they say it has never been sent?!
Love ya.

natshall molette said...

I love the baby lady bug. I have been trying to contact you for this cake.